Long Covid Subtypes

Subtypes of Long Covid

IncidenceSubtypeGroup Specifics
34%Kidney, heart, circulation; Anemia Heart failure
Cardiac dysrhythmias/tachycardia, palpitations,
Abnormalities on heartbeat, acute renal failure; fluid and electrolyte disorders;
Median 65 years
1:1 male:female
Covid hospitalization 61%
More preexisting conditions
33%Respiratory & sleep, anxiety, fear related, headache, nonspecific chest pain
, breathing abnormalities (shortness of breath, cough) and
throat/chest pain
Female 63% Median age 51 years
From later waves of covid
23%Musculoskeletal and nervous system, arthritis/joint pain, digestive; headaches, malaise, fatigue, cognitive problems/brain fog, smell and taste problems, neuropathies, sleep problems, skin rashesFemale > 60%
10%Digestive and respiratory; GERD, gastritis, nausea/vomiting, diarrhea, abdominal or pelvic pain; lower respiratory disease, throat pain, chest pain; Female >60%

SGB was effective for the red symptoms.